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C o n c e r t s - 2022

September 7th - Mark Lemaire and Claudia Russell (USA)
This concert will be at The Willows, 
Bryning Fern Lane, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BQ

We are pleased to be part of the "California Calling' tour with Claudia Russell and Mark Lemaire. Both are established solo artists in their own right, and now Mark’s incredible acoustic guitar and road-tested songs pair perfectly with Claudia’s creative lyrics and her incredible voice.

Mark is known for his unique guitar style: he incorporates masterful fingerpicking, slap-and-tap harmonics, hand percussion, and a delicate touch that goes straight to your heart.

Besides writing evocative songs, Claudia is known for her vocal talent. She is an expressive and versatile singer, as at home on a soulful ballad as a Buddy Holly style romp.  But music is in the ear of the listener. So come along, have a listen and hear for yourself!

Claudia’s dad, Val Rosing, was born in the UK and was the vocalist with the Henry Hall BBC Dance Orchestra. Remember the “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”? When their tear-in-your-eye harmonies kick in, it’s clear Mark and Claudia are greater than the sum of their parts.

Entrance £12

Eilidh Steel and Mark Neal are a duo rooted in the traditions of Scotland's music and song. They are prolific tune and song writers and their shows feature many of these compositions alongside old traditional music with a strong influence from Argyllshire and the West Highlands of Scotland.

"Eilidh Steel & Mark Neal are leading lights of the folk/roots movement. Their charm on stage is as effortless and accomplished as their musicianship"

"Traditional and contemporary Celtic music genuinely doesn’t get any better than the work of Eilidh Steel and Mark Neal. Simply put, they are players of astonishing quality, the length of their combined and separate CVs alone would be enough to impress the most jaded of critics."

Entrance £10


Photo: Allan MacDonald

October 19th - Singers' Night
This evening will be at Wrea Green Institute,
Station Road, Wrea Green, Preston, PR4 2PH

Put your name down on the list at the door of our concerts, email reservations.willowsfolkclub@gmail.com or ring Liz on 01253 640959 to reserve your spot if you would like to sing, play, recite or otherwise entertain us!

Our Singers' Nights aim to support a charity chosen by our club volunteers. Donation on the door.

More details to follow. Keep an eye on this page!

November 2nd - Allan Taylor
This concert will be at The Willows,
Bryning Fern Lane, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BQ

Allan Taylor is one of the last of the travelling troubadours who came through the social and artistic revolution of the nineteen sixties and carved out a career as a solo singer-songwriter.

For more than fifty years Allan has travelled the world performing at festivals, concert halls and clubs. He is considered to be one of the foremost singer-songwriters and guitarists in his genre, with more than one hundred recorded versions of his songs by Artists in ten different languages. One song in particular, “It’s good to see you” was a hit in many countries, and to date, there are over 100 cover versions of this song. Looking back as well as forward, few people can convey with such eloquence their life experiences. His songs are written from a lifetime of travelling; always the observer passing through, each song is a vignette of life, like a story told over a drink in a bar.

Entrance £12